help canada's hardest hit businesses survive

and protect
2 million jobs



of businesses will be unable to stay operational without an extension to CEWS & CERS

first hit.

last to recover.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, travel and tourism has ground to a halt.


Canada’s hardest hit businesses have seen festivals, concerts, conventions, Indigenous tourism experiences, fairs, exhibitions, and business and sporting events cancelled. These events won’t resume until 2022 at the earliest.


CEWS & CERS kept us alive for COVID Year 1.


Help Canada’s hardest hit businesses survive

Canada’s hardest hit businesses need to know that government will continue to provide support until necessary public health restrictions are lifted and normal travel and events can resume.

That the Budget on April 19, 2021 include:

  1. An extension and enhancement of CEWS at 75% targeting hard hit industries until the end of 2021; and 

  2. An extension and enhancement of the CERS program for hard hit businesses, including deeper support for medium-sized businesses.



send a letter to your member of parliament

Please make your voice heard by sending a letter to your Member of Parliament using a pre-populated letter linked below. Canada's hardest-hit businesses depend on it.


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